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Comments on my Blog

Last day of the slice of life challenge! For the last slice, I decided to do a list on who commented the most on my blog posts!

 Noa Cooper-10!
Jonah C.-9 
Paloma Oteiza-8 

Amelia Modesitt-8
Nj The Fierce - 5
Miles The Blogger Of Books-4
Buckey Barnes-4
Sophriak's Blog-2
Fearless Reviews-2
Zack Biggs-2
Thea CP.-2
Trapper Girl 151-1
Zhi Hong Chan-1
I give full credit to this idea to NJ The Fierce. I had a great time slicing and hope to do it next year. 

Recent posts

Friday Favorites

For the last Friday of the slice of life challenge, I will do Friday Favourites one more time. 
40 Boredom-Busting Activities to Do With the Kids This is a website with lots of fun DIY crafts to do. My favourite is a family tree that they give you the template for and the leaves are your thumbprints. You just scroll through the gallery and if an idea looks interesting you look at the tutorial. Some of my other favourites were, your name in crystals, polka dot slime, and nail polish marble. 

My Favorite Movie

I can't choose my favorite movie I have two favorites so I am going to slice them both. The movies are Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect two. I watched Pitch Perfect when I was 8 years old. My mom had never seen the movie and my cousin had said it was great and well I had lots of questions after the movie,  mostly what were these new words in the movie. After I became hooked on that movie an watched it once a week for a year. I knew every word and background noise to the songs and had som of the movie memorized.

When I found out that Pitch Perfect two was coming out, I got a special calendar to mark the days. My mom picked up me and my friend from soccer practice early because of a " very special event " and we went to the theaters. It was me, my mom, my brother, Ainslee (a friend from soccer practice), and Emme. It was opening night and being my family we were late. the only seats that were together, were the ones that were almost level with the screen at the very front o…

Strange Attachment

The item in my life that I have a strange attachment to is a tiger striped pillow. I got this tiger striped pillow at a Dave & Busters giant stuffed animal grab machine. It was my first try and no one was getting anything so I decided to try. I had my friend on the side of the machine coaching me where to move and when to drop. I think those machines are rigged because there was an awesome soccer ball pillow I wanted but the arms track would not go that far. So I went for this pillow, and imagine my surprise when I got it. It is the most comfortable pillow and I bring it with me whenever there is a 45-minute car drive or a plane ride.


My family has a habit of picking the best times to go on vacation. Yesterday when we left for the warm 70-degree weather in California we left behind the 42-degree rainy weather of Denver. Last year we went on a trip the day before we had that huge snowstorm that grounded all of the flights. We Got stuck in California for a couple days after we were supposed to come home because the weather was still bad, but hey, I was not complaining. So as you can see my family has a good track record of picking when to go on vacation.

What Would I Do.....

What Would I Do is a theme where I will give three different scenarios and what I would do it that situation.

Scenario #1
If I inherited A Billion dollars I would......

First I would buy me and my family a new house and renovate it, then I would buy my entire family new phones and computers, I would donate some to charity, and last I would put the rest in savings for college.

Scenario #2
If I could Travel anywhere in the world I would......

I would travel around France. I would probably start in Paris but then go to different places in France like Burgundy. I have always wanted to go to France because I think they have a really interesting culture and amazing food.

Scenario #3
If the world was going to end in three days and there was no avoiding it I would......

Well first I would go to laser quest with my entire family because that is something I have always wanted to do, then I would finish my homework because I can't die uncurrent, after I could binge watch Switched at bBirth to fini…

Travel Bucket List

My Travel Bucket List:

AustraliaFranceGermanySouth Africa- Going this summerFiji-Going soonItalyJamaicaAntarcticaAlaskaChinaColumbiaIndiaIrelandLondon
On this list, the place I want to travel most is probably France or Italy. These places because I have ancestors from Italy and I have always wanted to go to France. 
What is the place you want to travel most. Comment Below!