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Comments on my Blog

Last day of the slice of life challenge! For the last slice, I decided to do a list on who commented the most on my blog posts!

 Noa Cooper-10!

Jonah C.-9 

Paloma Oteiza-8 

Amelia Modesitt-8

Nj The Fierce - 5

Miles The Blogger Of Books-4

Buckey Barnes-4




Sophriak's Blog-2

Fearless Reviews-2

Zack Biggs-2

Thea CP.-2



Trapper Girl 151-1


Zhi Hong Chan-1


I give full credit to this idea to NJ The Fierce. I had a great time slicing and hope to do it next year. 


  1. This was a fun slice idea. I also hope we all do SOL next year.

  2. Comment #10. Good job and nice slice.

  3. Hey! This is comment number three! I have liked your posts a lot, nice job!


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